The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore

The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore


Since 2008, our tuition centres have propelled many students to Enjoy and Excel in Science in Primary 1 to 6, PSLE, Secondary 1 to 4, O Levels (Physics & Chemistry), and even Olympiads.




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Dec 2011 --- Well Done In 2011 !

Jul 2010 --- Realise Dreams -"Careers After The Bond" Sharing Session

Jun 2009 --- Harvard PhD, Lawyers & Doctors Share Secrets for Success (for Parents/Students of Sec 2 to JC and above)!

Dec 2008 --- Exams Over (X'mas party, Professional Networking & Competency Building)

Nov 2008 ---Internships to get into NUS Medicine and Biochemistry Research


Below are some of the more noteworthy news we had:

StarPoints All My Students Got A's!!  
         Feb 2009

"I am proud to announce that all my 'O' Level students got mostly A1's and the rest A2's from instances of F9 and D, while all my PSLE students improved at least 1 grade. I am very happy for them and wish them success in future endeavours." 

-Mr Yeoh,
Chief Tutor & Owner of Tuition Centre

Here are some of the students' results:

  Genevieve (Compassvale Sec)

A Maths from F9 to A1

  Jun Ying (Deyi Sec) A Maths improved to A1; Chemistry improved to A2
  Natalie (now at Raffles JC) Chemistry from C5 to A1
  Yong Yan (now at Anderson JC) Physics from C6 to A2

  Jia Wei (Guangyang Pri)

Science from B to A; Maths from B to A*



StarPoints Our Tuition Centre Made News!!
         Feb 2009

"I am proud to inform that my education centre has made news on LianHe ZaoBao page 11 of 11 Feb 2009, with photos of students and tutors."

-Mr Yeoh,
Chief Tutor & Owner of Tuition Centre

Here is our class photo as appeared on our local Chinese Newspaper Zao Bao: 

王玉琦 (2009211) 联合早报

学校家- 数学奥林匹克竞赛培训班受欢迎



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"I would like to thank my tutor, Mr Daniel, for helping me improve from 48% (F) to 73% (A) within 5 months."   
- Ryan, a Primary 5 Science Student
"Thank you for helping me get As in all my 3 Sciences. I not only got into Triple Science, but also got accepted into Science Mentorship Program at NUS. And thanks for helping me build my own CIP project to get more CIP points." 
- Jiawei, from a Prestigious SAP School
"Thank you, Mr Yeoh, for helping me achieve the top position at my school and helping me with my DSA application to get into RGS!" 
- E., from a Neighbourhood Secondary School
"I would like to thank my tutor, Mr Daniel, for helping me improve to A1 from failing my Math. He is very patient yet strict with me, and I am grateful for that because I have a short attention span and tend to get into "trouble" easily. 
He is easily the best tutor I ever had, because he not only helped me improve in my grades, but also helped me understand Math concepts and shorten my learning time, which would otherwise get too boring and draggy for me. Thank you Mr Daniel for everything." 
- Wayne,
from Failing to A1
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