The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore

The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore


Since 2008, our tuition centres have propelled many students to Enjoy and Excel in Science in Primary 1 to 6, PSLE, Secondary 1 to 4, O Levels (Physics & Chemistry), and even Olympiads.




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About Us -

ScienceTuitionInSingapore is the leading tuition agency for Science small group tuition in Singapore. We partner tuition centres with good track record to establish their web presence, and helping parents in Singapore resolve the many difficulties faced in sourcing for a good Science tuition school.

The contact number provided on this website goes directly to the tuition centre, please mention ScienceTuitionInSingapore to them in order to enjoy our discounts.*

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Tuition Centre in Toa Payoh 

Our tution centre in Toa Payoh is NOT JUST A TUITION CENTRE! We are a social enterprise offering tuition, olympiad training, university/career advisory and mentorship programs. From these programs, we support talent development.




To become a globally renowned
education centre by 2015




To help our students and partners
become the best that they can be, and.
To continue to push the frontier of education
via technology and pedagogy.





Help our students improve in homework & grades 

Instill our CCDMP values in our students

Achieve maximum potential and Ace exams 





StarPoints COURAGE 
We encourage and help our students to develop courage in questioning and learning, and taking responsibility for their own learning and actions. 

Courage is one of the top admirable qualities of current and future scholars and leaders.


Our chief tutor & founder has a great admiration for Steve Jobs, firstly for his courage, and secondly his creativity, which gave birth to the iPhone.

Our system builds not just the mastery of most sorts of exam questions, but also creativity to manage projects, olympiads, and real situations outside school.



Provides focus, diligence, and eventually desired performance. Our tutors adjust to varying degrees of discipline in each student.


Motivation is a quality that drives all students to improve sustainably by themselves.

Our system builds motivation to question, learn, question again, and learn even more.


Thomas Edition brought light into our lives because he refused to give up after repeated failures, finally discovering the right light bulb.

Our system builds persistence in our students to conquer exams, projects, and life-long learning.



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"I would like to thank my tutor, Mr Daniel, for helping me improve from 48% (F) to 73% (A) within 5 months."   
- Ryan, a Primary 5 Science Student
"Thank you for helping me get As in all my 3 Sciences. I not only got into Triple Science, but also got accepted into Science Mentorship Program at NUS. And thanks for helping me build my own CIP project to get more CIP points." 
- Jiawei, from a Prestigious SAP School
"Thank you, Mr Yeoh, for helping me achieve the top position at my school and helping me with my DSA application to get into RGS!" 
- E., from a Neighbourhood Secondary School
"I would like to thank my tutor, Mr Daniel, for helping me improve to A1 from failing my Math. He is very patient yet strict with me, and I am grateful for that because I have a short attention span and tend to get into "trouble" easily. 
He is easily the best tutor I ever had, because he not only helped me improve in my grades, but also helped me understand Math concepts and shorten my learning time, which would otherwise get too boring and draggy for me. Thank you Mr Daniel for everything." 
- Wayne,
from Failing to A1
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