The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore

The Leading Science Tuition Agency in Singapore


Since 2008, our tuition centres have propelled many students to Enjoy and Excel in Science in Primary 1 to 6, PSLE, Secondary 1 to 4, O Levels (Physics & Chemistry), and even Olympiads.




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  ~100% of our students improve yearly, with over 85% achieving A grades
  and/or improved by at least 2 grades

  Student from neighbourhood primary school scored well enough to get
  into Raffles Girls School (RGS) 

  Previously "Barely Pass" student tops school in "N" Level Examinations


  Are you concerned about your child's
 for his/her important exams
   which are only a few months/weeks away?


   Is your child unable to keep up
   with the lesson pace
 in school
   or even with his/her current tutor?


   Is your child's current school teacher
   and/or tutor ineffective or inadequate in
   preparing your child for his/her exams? 


Leave Your Worries To Us!

Many students who used to constantly get D and F grades are able to achieve A's after joining us!

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We specialise in Science Tuition, covering Primary 1 to Primary 6 (PSLE), Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary ('O' Level Physics & Chemistry), and
even Physics Olympiad Training.

Find out more about our teachers for Science Tuition, English Tuition, and Maths Tuition.


Our tuition classes are taught by experienced tutors who are mostly scholars from top universities & junior colleges, e.g. Stanford University, National University of Singapore (NUS), and Raffles Junior College (RJC). 


We also have tutors who focus on the challenged, and olympiad medalists providing Olympiad training.


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Our tuition centres provide tuition classes in small groups of 2 to 6 students each. By keeping the classes small, our tutors are able to use the most optimal teaching approach and pace for effective learning.

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Our Classic Tuition Classes help students excel in their everyday schoolwork, while Exam Booster Classes help students prepare for their semester and yearly exams in the closing weeks. 


Get to know our tuition centre's Values, Vision & Mission, find out more About Us... 


We are not just any tuition centre! We are a social enterprise offering tuition, olympiad training, university/career advisory and mentorship programs. From these programs, we support talent development.


Some of our past events include Career Sharing, Scholar Forums, Internships, Professional Networking Sessions, and more.


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  All My students got A's!

  Our Tuition Centre Made News
  (in Lianhe Zaobao)



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"I would like to thank my tutor, Mr Daniel, for helping me improve from 48% (F) to 73% (A) within 5 months."   
- Ryan, a Primary 5 Science Student
"Thank you for helping me get As in all my 3 Sciences. I not only got into Triple Science, but also got accepted into Science Mentorship Program at NUS. And thanks for helping me build my own CIP project to get more CIP points." 
- Jiawei, from a Prestigious SAP School
"Thank you, Mr Yeoh, for helping me achieve the top position at my school and helping me with my DSA application to get into RGS!" 
- E., from a Neighbourhood Secondary School
"I would like to thank my tutor, Mr Daniel, for helping me improve to A1 from failing my Math. He is very patient yet strict with me, and I am grateful for that because I have a short attention span and tend to get into "trouble" easily. 
He is easily the best tutor I ever had, because he not only helped me improve in my grades, but also helped me understand Math concepts and shorten my learning time, which would otherwise get too boring and draggy for me. Thank you Mr Daniel for everything." 
- Wayne,
from Failing to A1
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